What we've done...

What we will do...

Keep Hammonton Beautiful

We endorse the Abandoned Property Ordinance to make sure the banks that own foreclosed homes keep them well-maintained or we will maintain them and charge them to keep the weeds down and the properties safe.

We believe that most property owners in Hammonton take great care of their properties, there are a few frequent abusers who must be encouraged to maintain their properties so that they don’t drag down the whole neighborhood.

We will continue to encourage the Community Garden, the Green Committee, the Dog Park and the all of the volunteer efforts that make Hammonton a great place.

We will build on the successes that have been made in Downtown and strengthen Uptown and the residential neighborhoods. That’s why we located our Election Headquarters on the Pike this year, to show our sincere commitment to the entire town.

We will work with the volunteers on the restoration of the Town Clock and make sure it is preserved for the next 100 years.

We will make sure that the new bike and pedestrian path will be completed, with grants, and we will expand it to connect to even more residential, recreational and business areas in town.

We will construct sidewalks on North Street to connect that residential area with the Schools.

We will guarantee the completion of paving projects on Valley Avenue, Washington Street, Lincoln Street and many more roads throughout Hammonton.

Make Hammonton a Technology Hub

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a lower-priced, higher speed internet, instead of Comcast? We will establish affordable, super-fast municipal internet for homes, schools and businesses.

This will lead to businesses wanting to locate here, people wanting to move here and it will increase the value of your properties.

It will be among the fastest internet offered in the country and will guarantee more prosperity for Hammonton.

Lightening-speed Wifi will also be delivered to many areas in Town which you will be able to use on your phones, tablets and laptops.

Your kids will be able to have access to the best internet in the nation, right here in their hometown.

Industries with good paying jobs, like digital media companies, cloud computing firms, gaming companies and more will want to locate here because of our high-speed internet. This will fill up all of the remaining vacant properties and will spark new construction.

Grow Hammonton as a Destination

Under the leadership of Hammonton First, our Town is among the best in South Jersey, we will work with MainStreet, the Chamber and our arts and entertainment organizations to bring more great things to Hammonton.

We will encourage new and upgraded hotels and bed and breakfasts to open here to service guests that come into Hammonton as tourists and friends and family who visit our residents.

The Hammonton area now has the largest cluster of wineries on the East Coast and has two microbreweries. A distillery is on the way and we will work together to promote them.

We will boost our municipal airport, a new restaurant recently opened and we will continue to work to bring more business people and tourists into the airport and convince them to locate their businesses here too.

Hammonton now is regularly listed as one of the happiest places in the state, has one of the lowest crime rates and is one of the best places to retire. These rankings don’t just happen randomly, we will keep Hammonton at the forefront of people’s minds so that we continue to rank high on these lists.

We will work with the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) to launch www.hammonton.com, which will promote all of the premier town festivals, parades and events.

We will market to destination businesses and attractions to encourage them to locate or expand their businesses here.

Paid for by Hammonton First Campaign 2016
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